Tuesday, 20 November 2012

I've been away

Hi guys...

I say that in a sheepish manner because you've probably forgotten all about me. I apologise for that - I've been busy!

So, what has happened in my absence? Where do I start..? Let’s do things in a chronological order.

Firstly, July became a very busy month for me when I was given my very first job! It wasn't the most exciting of occupations, but it paid and I enjoyed myself. Working with Excel and all different kinds of stationary actually makes me pretty happy ^_^

Of course I am no longer working there as at the end of September I found myself on my way back to Wales for the start of the new semester. With that came the excitement of my very first flat. I moved in with the boyfriend and our many plants - we like plants; we have two carnivorous plants and two trees. I’m actually attempting to grow more trees at the moment; I found some star fruit in the local Morrison’s and decided I HAD to plant the seeds. They're currently happily sitting in my propagator while I stress over whether they're actually going to grow. Getting off topic...

Being a zoologist and owning my own flat, I felt one of the first things I must do is buy a pet. Since being a student is another way of saying, “I have absolutely no money”, I decided to go for a relatively inexpensive pet (no, not a fish - we've already got two): a hamster, Milo (cover picture). His story is a rather sad one as, after spending a month with us, he became sick and died. It was heartbreaking but we took comfort in the fact that he died with people who loved him rather than in a pet shop on his own.

Not long after Milo came along, I was given another job. This time I wasn't so lucky - I don't enjoy it. I keep reminding myself that I'm being paid and the work comes to an end soon. A lot of people share the attitude that 'a job’s a job’, and in these times it's probably the best attitude to have, but my advice would be to put yourself first. Trust me, it’s not nice when you literally have to blackmail yourself into going to work. I have been treating myself to a lot of Ben and Jerry’s because of it though (ahh! My skin!).

We've recently bought a new hamster. We saw him in our local Pets at Home and decided we couldn’t go home without him. We loved our time with Milo and missed his companionship so when we met Logan, it didn't take us very long to convince ourselves to buy him. His personality is completely different; he's incredibly shy but if we keep working with him he’ll grow out of it. I’ll keep you updated while Logan grows up - he is still a baby, after all ^_^

That covers everything that explains my absence. See? I do have a life outside of the Internet - haha.

The last thing I want to add is a thank you to all of the people who have still been coming to my blog while I've been away. I lost track of my comments a long time ago (but I do still try!) so I'm sorry if I haven't replied to you all. I hope you understand. Oh, and one very last thing - IT’S CHRISTMAS SOON ;DDDDDDDD

Bye for now!

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  1. Oh well, what a sad story. Poor Milo! But Logan is soooo cute!


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