A thank you and an apology

Hellooo guys! I have a few things I want to mention in this post. Before I start, I've just realised that the title makes it sound like I'm leaving, but I'm not! I promise that.

Anyway, over the last few posts I've been promising you new updates and such, but, as I've already mentioned, the weather has been so hot and humid lately. And no, I haven't been neglecting my blog to play in the sunshine, the hot weather has disrupted my sleeping pattern and taken it's toll on my face, making it break out. I never usually suffer from breakouts, but the lack of sleep combined with the greasy skin I have been suffering with due to the heat, my face has erupted. So, naturally, it's been strictly no makeup for the past few days.

I was woken up by a massive crack of thunder very early this morning (in my dazed, half asleep state, I was convinced someone was trying to break my house in half), and I looked out of the window to see rain and fog and lightning. Since then, the fog has hung over us and the rain has been stopping and starting, so hopefully the storm will have cleared some of the humid air and I will actually be able to sleep.

I know I've been talking about the weather a lot lately, but it can really affect me (I don't deal well in warm weather). In addition to that, we have had some of the most volatile weather I have ever seen in my life. It's definitely not the average weather you would expect for this climate. You may have seen the photo opposite already, but this is a bridge in Newcastle being struck by lightning a few days ago. I live a couple of hours away from the city, so this photo was all over the local media. See what I mean? Not the typical weather.

Moving away from the rain, today was results day and I PASSED! I couldn't believe my eyes when the page loaded. This means I've passed my first year of university! No resits needed! That's a massive weight off my shoulders. It also means I can get rid of all of my revision notes seeing as though I don't need them any more.

I also came here to give a massive thank you to every single one of my followers. In two weeks, I've gained one hundred followers and my comments have exploded! I wish I could reply to everyone individually, but I've had such a massive influx of comments that it's just been impossible to keep up. So, I want to thank everyone for reading, commenting and following me! Please don't think I'm rude for not replying because I am very, very grateful for your kind words. Here's to you, the people who have surprised me and made me one very happy amateur blogger.

Lastly, I'll let you know what I've been occupying myself with whilst I've been waiting for my skin to heal. You've probably guessed from the image at the top, but if you haven't I've been rewatching the InuYasha series. I've seriously been getting my nerd on lately. As my birthday is coming up, my boyfriend is buying me the InuYasha manga! I nearly died when I found it in the shop; I actually did fall over and scrubbed my knee in my excitement. The shop owner probably thought there was something seriously wrong with me and, thinking about it, he was probably right. Haha...

So, before I leave, you'll be glad to know that my skin is clearing up well. Today I was actually brave enough to wear makeup - I've been trying to recreate the makeup worn by Hayley Williams in The Only Exception. It didn't turn out quite how I wanted it too because I used black eyeliner - brown is the way to go. My next attempt will be much better, and once I perfect it I will be posting a tutorial. Just bare with me, I will get myself together eventually.

Well, that's me done for today guys. Thank you to every single one of you. For those of you who commented about my hair colour, I just wanted to let you know that, sadly, the red has washed out and I am, once again, blonde. However, I do intend to re-dye it as, like you, I absolutely adored that colour! :)

Bye guys!